Welcome to my 1950s Glamour shoot, with a twenty-ten’s twist.  Or maybe I should say a twenty-ten’s shoot with a twist of 1950s Glamour?

Either way, the influence of a bygone romantic and glamorous era is there.  When I think of the Silver Screen and 1950s Glamour, I think of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and later on in the piece, Audrey Hepburn.  And please don’t get me started on the men!!


In its own special way, your wedding day is like your personal silver screen day; romance, glamour, gorgeous dresses, smokin’ hot suits, leading lady, leading man, professional photographer and a very attentive audience!  And with all that glamour comes organisation, tonnes of it, hard work that would make your eyes water if you weren’t having so much fun doing it!  As a wedding photographer, my ears prick up when I hear how much preparation is going into a wedding.  I love when a couple pour themselves and what they’re all about into their wedding day and pay attention to even the smallest detail.

Glamorous 1950s for Wedding Inspiration by Nadine Cagney

When I decided to organise this shoot, I needed a starting block, something to push off from.  1950s Glamour popped into my head and I latched on and rolled with it!  Many hours of conscious (and sub-conscious!) thinking and organising later, I had a talented and experienced team around me and one that I had the utmost trust in.

I would have to confess that the two most tricky elements of organising this shoot were the dress and the locations.  The dress I didn’t compromise on and had made (very quickly!) for this shoot, the locations however were another story!  My imagination is rather grandiose at times and it would’ve been easier if I hadn’t dreamt up such amazing locations (probably from another country, definitely from another era!).  Time for my imagination to compromise with reality, two fabulous Wanaka locations later, it was time to create and have some fun!

1950s Glamor Styled Shoot at Glendhu Station by Nadine Cagney

Glamor from 1950s Photo Shoot by Nadine Cagney

I will admit, I had been thinking about this shoot for a long time and for one reason or another it got put off… and put off!  When I eventually decided to do it, it probably wasn’t the best timing for the others in my team so I’m extremely grateful to Gena, Di, Shannon and Ellen for putting extra energy in at a very busy time of year!  I’m also very grateful to Emily and Annabel (their families & tenants!) for opening their homes to me.

Sometimes it isn’t just your creativity, ability and attitude that brings out the best in your work but the people you choose to surround yourself with and who say, without hesitation,… “Sure, count me in for the ride!”

Wedding Inspiration with 1950s Glamour by Nadine Cagney

1950s Styled Shoot for Wedding Inspiration by Nadine Cagney

1950s Glamour Styled Photo Shoot created by Nadine Cagney


Model + Make Up Artist:  Gena Bagley Freelance Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist:  Shannon van Walt van Praag of Studio 9305

Dressmaker:  Di Muir

Shoot Locations:  One | Private residence in Wanaka area,  Two | Glendhu Station

Photography Assistant:  Ellen Cagney

Photography:  Nadine Cagney


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