Jaz + Chuck’s Wanaka Wedding

Jaz and Chuck’s Wanaka wedding was going to be a special one, there was never any doubt!  Jaz, with her Maori heritage, had a traditional Maori cloak called a Korowai made for her to wear to her wedding ceremony overtop of her flowing jewel green gown.  The combination was beautiful!  The Korowai was for Jaz to give to Chuck during their wedding ceremony instead of a wedding ring.

With Jaz and Chuck’s wedding ceremony scheduled for 9.30am it was to be a real early start for prep photos!  (And this is me we’re talking about, the girl who doesn’t really “do” mornings!).  7.20am found me knocking on Jaz’s front door to no response…all I could think was that the bride had slept in and that this could get interesting!  I slipped quietly in the back door to find the bride was just stepping out of the shower (hence no answer to my knock) and her sister Renata, the gorgeous one-and-only bridesmaid, had just risen…it was peaceful and calm…before the inevitable whirlwind of hair, make up and dressing!

Jaz and Chuck’s son, Beau, was now awake and steadily gearing up for an adventurous day.  It wasn’t too long before there was a sparkle in his eyes that danced and hip hopped around and was somehow connected to his feet…or maybe it was the other way around?!  Jaz’s make up artist arrived, with Jaz’s Mum, sister ’n law and niece arriving soon after – the prep whirlwind was picking up momentum!

Leaving Jaz to her finishing touches I headed to Edgewater Resort, nestled on the shores of Lake Wanaka, where Chuck and his son Kim were calmly pacing and Jaz’s brother Quentin was patiently waiting to walk her down the aisle.  It was a soft light, slightly cool and blustery morning down by the lake but I don’t think anyone actually noticed, especially Jaz.  She rounded the corner on Quentin’s arm with a smile of pure happiness and content and never mind the weather!

A gorgeous heartfelt ceremony, hilarious and slightly chaotic family photos, a hearty wedding breakfast at Edgewater, a few quick photos of the wedding party on the beach (minus children and with literally 20 minutes to get the shots!) and then it was off to the local Rugby Clubrooms for a more relaxed affair of games, food, drink and socialising that lasted all day and well into the night!

Jaz and Chuck’s wedding day was a true reflection of who they are as individuals, and who they are as a loving, caring couple and team.  It was a huge melting pot of unique, modern, cultural and traditional touches that meant so much to both of them, their families and friends and it was an honour for me to be included and capture this for them to remember always.

Jaz and Chuck’s Wanaka wedding was a true celebration wrapped in fun, laughter and love!  Wishing you both along with your son Beau, the happiest of lives together, now and always.


  • Korowai:  Marie Cotter of Tarati Design Ltd
  • Bridal Dress Pattern:  Airbrushed by Spike Wademan from Queenstown Art Centre
  • Bouquets:  Amy Condon of Keepsake Bouquets
  • Paua Shell Ring Holder & Flower Girl’s Basket:  Phillipa O’Connell
  • Table Centrepieces:  Jaz Hokianga-Baker, Phillipa O’Connell and friend
  • Venue:  Edgewater Resort
  • Make up:  Aspects Beauty
  • Photography:  Nadine Cagney




































Dearest Nadine,

It is with heartfelt gratitude and much joy that we write this letter of thanks to you.  We had the most perfect day EVER on our Wedding day, infact it even surpassed our expectations!  The thing is though, when you are actually the centre of it, there is so much you miss.  However, as we discovered, having you on our team meant this didn’t apply to us.

Nadine your photos are AMAZING!  You covered everything we thought of value and much much more.  You captured the moments that were magic and personal  for us and our ceremony, as well as heaps of other shots we would never have thought of.  Through your photos we got a birds eye view, guest eye view and the view of things we would of seen if we could’ve seen past each other! lol

The wee prep talk you gave us pre-wedding helped so much with being as natural as possible and gave us the confidence to know what do if we happened to see the camera pointed in our direction..and not freak out!  We are both convinced you have ninja blood in you though, as there are SO many shots you took that we were totally unaware of your presence.  There is a photo that you took of the ring going on my finger, my Husband and I were both shocked to see that photo as neither of us had any idea you were even near us, let alone close enough to get that perfect moment.

Speaking of perfect moments..how you managed to capture my nephew in full ‘superman’ flight in the group photo is beyond me and absolutely priceless.  Who knew he could even do that?  Now we have the proof!

I’m really picky when it comes to photos of me, hence I’m usually the one taking them!  Most of the time I cringe when I see my photo.  Nadine I have to tell you, with the photos you took, I’m happy for the world to see me.  I just can’t articulate in words the immense amount of joy myself, my Husband and my family have looking back on our wonderful day through your lens.  I’m so so glad we did decide to get a professional photographer (and not just rely on the talents of friends and family as we were originally going to do), and I’m so so glad it was you who we got to capture these epic memories.

I don’t have to spread the word about how talented you are as everyone who has seen our photos have all commented on the exceptional quality, skill and craftsmanship (is that even a photography word?? lol) you can see in every photo..no way our mates could’ve done that!  What people probably don’t know about you though is your awesome personality.  Fun, bubbly, extremely professional and such a breeze to work with you are the exclamation mark at the end of the statement “Best Wedding Ever!”.  (You make the difference!)

My only negative is that we didn’t keep you on all day.  The photos we have of our family fun day, post the ceremony, pale in comparison to any that you took!

Nadine, we can’t thank you enough, you made our day so much more memorable…you truly are a ninja magician behind that lens.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! You rock!

Jaz & Chuck

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