Indie Bride Inspiration

Recipe: Take one 70s dress from your mother’s wardrobe, one pair of United Nude pumps from your own wardrobe, a splash of matching nail polish and a mix of wild flowers in a bouquet and floral crown and you have yourself a simple, romantic, indie bride shoot 🙂

When you carve a living out of what you love, your passion, the creative thing that makes you bunny hop inside with excitement, you have to work hard to keep that passion alive.

The necessary tasks of running a business day-to-day can poke at that passion and cause more than a little deflation…especially when you are running the show singlehandedly (sadly I don’t have the dream partner in my life who wants to help run my business while I concentrate on my creative process!). Suddenly the core component that is at the heart of your business has to fight for space.

So how do you not get stuck in that rut, working hard for your beloved clients and not necessarily ticking all of your creative boxes? Get tough and time manage. Sounds simple enough but roping off some time for yourself and your creativity (time that is non-negotiable) can be harder than you’d think. But do it, do it now, block out some time in your diary just for you and your creativity and bring some zing back to your process!

I did it recently…twice! And I have to admit, being back at the helm of my own project felt fantastic! It took a lot more determination than I thought it would and I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly tough and I didn’t guard that cordoned off area of time with enough gusto! I kept putting client work first and pushing out my own allotted time and I could feel my creativity slowly wilting inside. Bringing colleagues onboard to help bring my projects to life definitely helped lock things down and there was suddenly no escaping!

I truly appreciate my clients and their business but remembering to take time out for my creativity and recharge my creative batteries is not only beneficial to me, it’s also the biggest investment I can make for my clients.

A big thanks to my friends, colleagues and family for their help with this project 🙂



Flowers: Stephanie Anderson of  Flowers by Design, Wanaka
Hair: Shannon of  Studio 9305
Model: Ellen Cagney @ellencagney321
Photography: Nadine Cagney

















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