Okay, I can’t lie, these two gorgeous beings are not engaged so this is not an engagement session…it’s more like a pre-engagement session (no pressure Phil!).  Or, as I like to call it, a little photo sess of love.

Which sounds a little cheesy, I know but these guys are definitely in love and not just with each other!  They’re totally hooked on: their life in Wanaka*, their favourite playground which is Lake Wanaka, their favourite pastime wakeboarding…and their awesome, well maintained, flippin’ stylish boat!!!  (I think I might love it too…it reminds me of a James Bond movie for some reason, not sure why?  It could be because it’s over 20 years old but is so sleek in its lines…and it just looks so darn cool!).

Enough about the boat!  I had previously asked these two to get in front of my camera and model for me because they are genuinely lovely people, they are a genuine couple and I’m a little selfish, I like spending time with them!  And that stuff doesn’t just count…it shows itself in the end result which I was hoping would end up on my blog or website gallery 😉

Previously I had sown the seed of a photo shoot with Phil (because I already knew Vicky loves the camera and the camera loves Vicky!) and low-and-behold he came around to the idea!  Totally stoked and so was Vicky!  Once I got the nod, I pondered on visions of sunset and soft light, walking hand-in-hand… until Vicky suggested the boat and the lake!  Fabulous idea!  Totally them, totally Wanaka and (can I say totally a third time?!) what they love.

For those of you reading this and not from our shores, the weekend just been was a 3 day weekend in observance of our national Waitangi Day.  The weather over the weekend was simply stunning and it just so happened we were both out on the lake on the same day.  We organised to meet up later on in the day when pre-sunset, the light is at its most glorious.

However, like all brilliant plans that involve Mother Nature, she had other ideas!  An Easterly popped up in an instant that would blow-the-milk-right-out-of-your-tea (or your coffee, or kahlúa, whatever your zen)!  The lake became a white-capped mess which was no good for our zippy little jet boat and their wakeboard boat.  We collectively pulled the pin on the shoot but I did manage to capture a few shots before the wind really picked up.

Calm waters and getting that beauty of a boat into position…

Love Lake Wanaka waters

Smiles all round…

Love my girl love my boat

Just chillaxing and soaking up the views…

Love Lake Wanaka

How can you sit that close and not?!…

Love you

This is just a taster of what’s to come when the weather and our work schedules align!  Can’t wait for our next shoot out on Lake Wanaka together!  Lets hope Mother Nature plays the game before summer is over and we can capture some action-filled wakeboarding shots too!



Footnote from way back in the first paragraph!  *I can’t mention Vicky and Phil’s life in Wanaka without a little shoutout to their two adorable kittens, Gavin and Malcolm (yes, you read me correctly!).  Gavin and Malcolm don’t know it yet but they will probably make their professional modelling debut here, on my blog about life and lovely, scrumptious moments!  And believe me, these two are scrum-diddily-umtious!!!

And in the meantime, don’t be shy!  Leave me a comment below…I’d totally love to hear from you!

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