Wanaka’s Boutique Online Knitting and Wool Shop, The Woven, is a great example of why good product photography and it’s “clickability” is so important in the world of online marketing and sales.

Baby blanket product photography for The Woven

About The Woven

The Woven have been my client since the inception of their online store in 2015. From the beginning they knew professional product photography was needed to establish a reputable and compelling online presence. One year later and they have a firm following in Pinterest, increased traffic to their website and steady sales’ growth.

The Woven is a small business and yes, granted, paying a professional photographer in the early days was a bittersweet pill to swallow but the investment was worth it. Based on orders sent around the world, increased web traffic and multiple pinnings of their images in Pinterest, The Woven are experiencing a continued return on their product photography investment.

Product photography of baby blanket and wool for The Woven

Pinterest and The Woven

From day one of online operations, The Woven were active on Pinterest. Six months later 2,500 people had landed on The Woven’s website from America alone. Most of these 2,500 American visitors had come directly from Pinterest.

Using analytical software such as Google Analytics, The Woven have been able to establish who is visiting their site and from where. This data has helped them fine-tune their online marketing strategy and develop their service to provide international shipping.

Product photography of knitted hat for The Woven

The two keys things to remember about your product photography and Pinterest are:

Key Pinterest point Number 1
You can pin images directly from your website to your boards in Pinterest. What does this mean? It means that whenever someone clicks on that particular image (that has been pinned from your website) in Pinterest, they will be taken straight to your website.


Key point Number 2 in Pinterest
More traffic going to your website means more eyes on your business, including Google’s! We all want Google to see us and push us up its rankings. Page one should be the goal but that takes more than just social media traffic and is a whole other blog post!

Product photography of balled wool for The Woven online store

The important thing to remember is that Pinterest will increase traffic to your website if your product photography is compelling and you pin from your website. Well-crafted, enticing, beautiful, inspiring…the list goes on!… are clickable images and people will want to click on your images. Clicking leads to visiting your website increasing the probability of purchasing your product or booking your service.

product photography for The Woven online store

Web traffic is gold

Whether you sell a product or a service online, web traffic is vital to success. So, if you’ve yet to dip your toe into the world of professional photography for your business, The Woven can highly recommend it!

My advice: take the time to find a photographer you are comfortable working with, who is good at their job and has a passion for crafting compelling imagery. The investment is a longterm one but it will be well worth the time and money spent.

Here’s to engaging product photography! All the best in the jungle that is online marketing, one vine at a time…no pun intended!


Click here to visit The Woven: Wanaka’s Boutique Online Knitting and Wool Shop.

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